Amazon’s cloud drive pricier than Google but cheaper than others

Amazon announced a cool new service, or combination of services, really. The new cloud drive stores your stuff in an easy-to-access online “locker.” A related cloud music player lets you upload and download music to the locker as well as live stream any songs you’ve already uploaded. Streaming is limited to web browsers on computers and an Android phone app so far — no iPhone or iPad app.

But as far as the cloud storage goes, Amazon’s prices aren’t that great. You can get 5 GB free, but for more you pay $1/GB per year ($20 for 20 GB, $500 for 500 GB).

Google’s cloud storage, which can also hold all kinds of files, is much, much cheaper — 25 cents/GB per year ($5 for 20 GB, $125 for 500 GB).

Amazon is cheaper than some. Sugarsync is over $1 per GB unless you opt for the $250 for 250 GB plan. The cheaper plans are $50 for 30 GB ($1.67/GB), $100 for 60 GB ($1.67/GB), or $150 for 100 GB ($1.50/GB).

Apple’s MobileMe is also pretty bad, even if you exclude the $99 you pay for just 20 GB to start. Another 20 GB costs $49, or $2.45/GB — ouch.

What about DropBox? It is more expensive even with the annual payment discount. 100 GB costs $200 and 50GB cost $100. You can do the $/GB math on that one yourself, I think.

UPDATE: Michael Robert’s MP3tunes music locker service starts at $20 for 20 GB and slides down to $40 for 50 GB (80 cents/GB) and $140 for 200 GB (70 cents/GB).

  • I get shocked to read this article that the price of amazon service is greater than GOOGLE.  Really it Unbelievable.