Leopard upgrade? Not today, baby

Leopard box
Excited about Apple’s new Leopard OS X upgrade? Me, too. It’s got plenty of desirable new features, great and small. Did the Fed-Ex guy just drop it off and you’ve ripped open the box and got the shiny disk right in your hands? You’re drooling as you read the back of the package and start to slide the disk into your main-stay Mac? HALT! STOP! CEASE! DESIST!

Really, I’m not kidding. Wait. All those new features will be just as wonderful in a few days, after the crazy first responders have had time to upgrade and uncover any nasty bugs, limitations or incompatibilities. Who knows, maybe this is the upgrade that breaks your favorite program that hasn’t been updated yet. Or maybe today is the day Apple turned its back on your old scanner in the middle of a big photo digitization project. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – when it comes to operating system upgrades, first generation hardware and new hot sauce recipes, hurry up and wait. Let somebody else be the guinea pig this time.

UPDATE: For example, one big problem already reported (via Dave Winer)