self portrait I’m Aaron Pressman, a professional journalist, but this is my personal blog. Hopefully, it’s a bit better organized than my home office. I’m a bit of a gadget hound, a dad, a step-dad, the world’s luckiest husband (thanks to Whitney Connaughton) and a no-longer-long-suffering Red Sox fan. You can see some of the paid writing I’ve done over the years, mainly about tech and finance, archived on my personal site.

Here’s a link to my writing at my current gig. They have no connection to the content that appears here. You can also see my personal Twitter home page, my Disqus home page, my Google+ profile and my Zenfolio home page.

As kind an homage or a gag, I posted an interview with myself in the style of Wafer Baby’s The Set Up. My bit of NotWaferBaby is here.

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  • Hi there,

    It's all very nice but it seems you forgot once critical piece of information: where you live (well I'm not asking for the street and number to rung your bell, but city/state/country would be nice).

    Why do I ask, well I landed into your blog after a google search for “netgear powerline ethernet” (on google images, actually). I wanted to look what the power plug side looked like and saw this interesting pic http://gravitationalpull.net/wp/wp-content/uplo

    The seemingly-turned-45-degrees socket/plug caught my eye. Is that a 110v installation? Sorry, again, I don't know where you live but I infer from the Red Sox line that it's somwhere east coast USA?

    Best from South America,
    PS: Remember your audience is,gee, global. They might NOT know where you are (physically) located. :o)
    PS2: and no, I didn't read your whole blog to find that piece of info. :)

  • rung=ring

  • Great point. I've added a line that I live near Boston, Massachusetts
    in the USA…

  • This article I so true, keep on writing like this, enjoyment to read :) 648

  • Jacques Shellac

    Congrats on your new job. This blog acted as a great resume.

  • Thanks!

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