Apple fixing broken keyboards right in the store

my broken keyboard getting fixed at the Apple store(Updated 9/8) I’m super-impressed today with how much repair work Apple is performing on broken keyboards right at the local-store level. I really munged up my Macbook Pro’s keyboard this week. I spilled a little bit of water on it but the even worse move was my next — I tried to “dry out” the keyboard with a hairdryer. About 10 seconds of close exposure to the hairdryer left a half dozen keys melted and cracked. Ooops.

So I made an appointment this morning at the Chestnut Hill Apple store’s genius bar. The wait was longer than I’d have liked but I got seen only about 20 minutes late. After I told my sob story, I was expecting the genius to tell me to pack up my laptop and see it shipped off to Austin or something for the usual 7 to 10 day repair. Nope.

Instead, he pulled out a little putty knife and carefully pried off the deformed keys. Then he went round the back and rustled up some spare keyboards. He carefully replaced the melted keys with spanky new keys from the spare boards. I was so excited I almost jumped out of my seat.

But it was not to be — the “a” key still didn’t function because of the water damage. Again, however, Apple came through. The genius said they could perform the keyboard replacement right at the store, $66 for the new part and $85 for the labor. Sometime Monday or Tuesday, they’ll give me a call and all will be groovy. Good service is a killer app in the retail industry and Apple seems to have that one nailed.

UPDATE: The store actually called on Saturday morning and said the repair was finished. Speedy!